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September 3, 2017

Acts 9:19-31

Passage: Acts 9:19-31
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For the last two weeks, we have been looking at Saul’s conversion. He has this amazing experience on the road to Damascus. He acknowledges Jesus as Lord. Ananias gets a vision and the Lord tells him to go and see Saul. He’s a bit nervous – he knows who Saul is – at least we know he’s heard about him. We know Saul was at the stoning of Stephen – likely Ananias would have known this. He knows Saul was persecuting Christians. I’d be a bit nervous, wouldn’t you? But he goes and ministers to Saul and baptizes him. I think this is interesting too as we move forward. I can’t necessarily prove this, but I’d imagine that Saul had sometimes picked those he would imprison by seeing them baptized – he knew they were now professing a belief in Jesus as Messiah and Lord. So I think it’s worth thinking through this a minute. We don’t know much about the men who were with him. We don’t know if they became followers or not. Ananias comes and Saul gets baptized. He would have known this was sealing his fate. He would forever be labeled as a Christ follower. But he knows that is the cost of following Christ and he does it. And I think this sets up the passage we are in this morning - this is the start of Saul’s ministry.

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